Colibri is a floral studio and meeting space in NE Portland.

The studio was established to channel the lifelong passion for flowers and plants shared by our principle designer. We make composed arrangements in varying sizes and to meet your requirements. Naomi Pomeroy brings the same level of intention and excellence to her flower arrangements that she has long been known for in her cooking. Our vision is palpably different from that of the traditional flower shop. We are trying something new.

In addition to flowers, we also sell large crystals, plants large and small in beautiful pots perfect for enjoyment or gifting, host community-minded events, and are committed to more than decadent late-stage Capitalist bullshit (while selling things at the same time)'s complicated. Kyle Linden Webster of Expatriate is largely responsible for the aspects of Colibri which aren't simple, clean, and/or beautiful. The flowers speak for themselves, which is why we're putting so much intention into our dealings with them, and with you. It's a point of pride really, coming out of the restaurant business and putting a flag like this in the ground. Wish us luck.